The Richest Peoples in World History

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has just been named the richest peoples in the world with the most wealth in history. Quoted from, Tuesday (07/17/2018), Jeff Bezos called breaking the record as the richest peoples in the world throughout history, whose count has been adjusted for inflation.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos’s wealth figure has exceeded US $ 150 billion or reached Rp. 2,100 trillion. The treasure is US $ 55 billion more than the property of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who occupies the number two position.

Bezos himself has become the richest peoples in the world since a year ago. Then in January, he became the richest peoples in the modern era after his fortune reached US $ 104 billion, surpassing Bill Gates’ highest wealth just above US $ 100 billion in 1999.

The amount of Gates’ worth of US $ 100 billion in 1999 will be worth around US $ 149 billion in today’s dollars. This makes Bezos officially pass the amount of Bill Gates’ wealth adjusted for inflation.

Bezos’ wealth has more than doubled over the past two years due to Amazon’s high stock price. On Monday, Amazon’s shares reached intraday highs of US $ 1,841.95, and the company’s market capitalization now reached US $ 890 billion.